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Social Media Information and House Rules

Welcome to the Vitafriends PKU community. Phenylketonuria (PKU) is a lifelong condition and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

This page is designed for patients, parents, carers, family and friends in the UK and Ireland affected by PKU and is facilitated by Vitaflo UK. Here you can connect with others who have PKU, share experiences, recipes and advice and ask for help.

The views expressed are not necessarily those of Vitaflo and this page is not intended to replace the advice of your doctors and dietitians. We want to keep our community as an open space for discussion and we will regularly review the page, responding to and passing on as many useful recommendations as we can.

Here are our five simple House Rules:

1. Be original: share video content, links, photographs, and text if you have rights to it; if you don’t own it or have permission, please don’t post it. Respect intellectual property rights. You are responsible for the content you post on this page.

2. Be mindful of people’s privacy: don’t share private information about other people.

3. Keep it clean: no indecent, misleading, or unlawful posts.

4. No personal attacks, please. Avoid any aggressive, defamatory or threatening posts. Mind your wording and tone. Avoid posting any information inciting racial, ethnical, religious, gender or political opposition.

5. Stay on topic: no spam, good luck/chain posts, commercial/advertising/promotional posts, or repetitive postings.

To help keep the conversation flowing, we may remove posts which are not compliant with these House Rules and anyone posting prohibited content may be banned. We respect data privacy: our Privacy Notice applies to personal data you share on this page in addition to the platform’s own rules -

We retain the right to amend the present House of Rules at any time.