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ProZero™ is a protein-free alternative to milk. It can be used in a variety of low protein recipes. 


What is ProZero™?

ProZero is a protein-free liquid blend of carbohydrate and fat. It’s available in two different flavours; unflavoured which is suitable from 6 months of age and chocolate flavour which is suitable from 3 years of age.

  • ProZero Unflavoured is available in 2 pack sizes, offering convenience and flexibility. A 1 litre resealable carton which can be used at home and a 250ml resealable carton which is perfect to take out and about or in packed lunches
  • ProZero Chocolate flavour comes in a 250ml resealable carton, which makes it ideal to take it with you when you fancy a sweet drink on the go or in packed lunches.

ProZero is a Food for Special Medical Purposes to be used under medical supervision. It is not suitable for use as a sole source of nutrition. For enteral use only.

Who is ProZero™ for?

ProZero is suitable for people with inborn errors of protein metabolism and kidney disease. ProZero Unflavoured can be used from the age of 6 months onwards. ProZero Chocolate flavour is suitable from 3 years onwards.

Does ProZero™ contain any exchanges?

No, ProZero does not contain any exchanges. ProZero doesn’t contain protein and therefore no phenylalanine. ProZero can be taken as a drink or incorporated into recipes without using any of your daily exchanges.

How do I use ProZero™?

ProZero can be used in a similar way to milk. Shake the carton before opening and use as follows:

On its own

  • As a drink
  • On permitted cereal
  • Added to hot drinks
  • As a milkshake with permitted flavours

In recipes

  • To cook with to create great tasting low protein drinks, snacks, meals and desserts.
  • There are recipes available using ProZero Unflavoured or Chocolate flavour.
  • Click on the recipe section above and start cooking with ProZero.

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