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'Chocolate' Twist Bread

  • RECIPE MAKES: 1 loaf
  • COOK TIME: 1hr 5mins
Step 1

Pre-heat the oven to 200°C/fan 180°C/gas mark 6.

Step 2

Place the ProZero, water, psyllium husk, yeast and vanilla essence into a bowl, mix and allow to stand for 5 minutes until the mixture thickens.

Step 3

In a separate bowl, place the butter and sugar and rub together with your fingertips until the mixture reaches a sand-like texture.

Step 4

Add in the Fate All-Purpose Low Protein Mix and mix until combined.

Step 5

Add the liquid mixture into the bowl and mix to form a sticky dough.

Step 6

Place the dough onto a clean lightly dusted surface, knead for 1 minute and llow to rest for 20 minutes.

Step 7

Press the dough with your hands into a a 2 cm thick circle.

Step 8

Rest the cookie cutter in the middle of the circle and score a circular shape. Using a knife, cut segments from the cookie cutter to the outside of the circle, 2cm apart and remove the cookie cutter.

Step 9

Melt the Vitabite in a heatproof bowl, over a pan of simmering water.

Step 10

Spoon 1 tsp of melted Vitabite onto each segment of the dough, leaving the inner circle chocolate free.

Step 11

Twist each segment 180 degrees.

Step 12

Brush with ProZero and sprinkle with the sugar.

Step 13

Bake in the oven on the middle shelf for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Step 14

Leave to cool fully on a wire rack.

Serving Suggestion:
Serve with a bowl of icing to dip.


Top Tip:
Add cinnamon to the dough for a spicy kick!

  • For the dough:
  • 80ml ProZero
  • 80ml Warm water
  • 4g Psyllium husk
  • 7g Yeast
  • 1tsp Vanilla essence
  • 40g Butter
  • 20g Caster sugar
  • 250g Fate All-Purpose Low Protein Mix (plus extra for dusting)
  • To assemble:
  • 3 x 25g bars Vitabite, broken into pieces
  • 2 tbsp ProZero
  • 1 tbsp Light muscovado sugar