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Welcome to the Vitafriends Explorers Club!

Vitafriends Explorers Club is an education programme designed to help support your family as you begin your PKU Journey.
Designed to complement information provided by your dietitian, you will discover age-appropriate information in your online portal as your child reaches key milestones. Topics include an overview of the low protein diet, weaning support, cooking with specially-made low protein foods, starting nursery and support materials such as meal planners and reward charts.

We will send you emails every time your child hits a milestone so don’t worry about missing anything and you can also request several educational support materials as you move through the portal.




Below, is an ‘Introduction to PKU’ booklet which is great for sharing with family, friends and carers to explain more about PKU.

There is also a letter from a parent of a child with PKU discussing their experience of what it’s like at the beginning of the journey.